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traditional blankets of Timor & Eastern Indonesia
manufui vint tok

Men's Blanket
Motif Manufui
Insana District - West Timor
47" X 80" - 886 grams
Late 20th C

A classic two panel "chicken of the jungle" motif blanket on cotton trade thread. Indigo dye has been used on the ikat portion and pre dyed threads for the stripes. The overall condition of the blanket is excellent with only one tiny betel stain - see detail photo.


munu vint tko det
subun - maubessi

Men's Mantle - Mau - Bete Naik
Subun Village - Maubessi - Insana
43.5" X 69" - 708 grams

A well worn honest tribal textile with hand spun cotton center panel. The side panels are cotton trade treads mixed with hand spun cotton (pink threads).

The side panels have a slightly different color scheme. This is quite normal as the piece was made to be worn with the stripes horizontal. The variation from left to right is a lighting issue. The color is even from left to right.

The color saturation on the indigo center panel is slightly uneven. This is very subtle and evident only upon very close inspection.


subun detail


42.5 x 78 manufui

Men's Blanket
Manufui Village - Insana District
42.5 X 78
Late 20th C
690 grams
A solid, honest two panel "running chicken" ikat blanket from the village of Manufui, literally "chicken of the jungle". The ikat portion of the blanket is executed with natural indigo dye. The colored stripes are commercially pre dyed cotton trade thread. This is a vintage textile that shows only slight wear upon extremely close inspection.


detail manufui
manu 590
Men's Blanket -"Mau"
Manunain A Village - Insana District
West Timor
38" X 72"
590 grams
late 20th C
cotton trade thread

This is a traditional tribal men’s cloth from the Insana district is a classic "Mau Fut Manufui". Manufui literally translates out to "chicken of the jungle".

The textile consists of two panels sewn together in the middle and conforms to the classic dimensions. The textile is in extraordinary condition for it's vintage. The color combination is pleasing and the ikat is tight and neat throughout.  The ikat portion is executed with natural indigo dye.

The colors have softened with time and wear, one side slightly more so, however this textile is in excellent condition, no rips, tears or stains. This is a solid, collectible artifact.


detail 590
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