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traditional tribal blankets

Traditional textiles were produced and worn on a daily basis until very recently in only in the most remote corners of the eastern Archipielago. Passage of life ceremonies are usually conducted in tandem with "adat" - a church wedding followed by a traditional ceremony at home.

 In this body of work, we see traditional vintage blankets and a handful of contemporary masterworks from the last generation of women who have led a relatively unaffected village lifestyle. These women still understand the motifs and are capable of producing formal “adat” textiles that conform to size and pattern protocols for their area, village and family as well as contemporary pieces that satisfy their personal ascetic.


Men's Blanket Mau - Bete Naik
Biboki - Insana District
West Timor
37.5 " X 74"
late 20th C - 562 grams
cotton trade thread with aniline dyes

A solid two panel blanket with three color ikat stripes. The variation in color are due to a darker weft thread in that area. The overall appearance of the piece is honest - the ikat is very clear and tight.


bib tok det
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