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traditional tribal blankets
AYO703 full
ayo703 det

Men's Blanket
Waterbug motif
Ayotupus District
West Timor
39.5" X 59"
703 grams
mid to late 20th C

A beautifully executed three panel blanket with hand spun cotton thread and natural dyes.


Men's Blanket
Motif bok'fa usan / Biboek 'sa
Ponu Village
Biboki District
West Timor
45.5" X 77"
1045 grams

A beautifully executed two panel blanket with hand spun cotton thread and natural dyes.
REF# BIB1041


Bete Naik - Men's Blanket
Biboki - Insana District - West Timor
38" X 75"
mid to late 20th C
531 grams

This two two panel blanket has a combination of early cotton trade thread with a combination of natural and chemical dyes. This textile has softened with age. The textile has faded more softly in some places and there are some very minor, almost imperceptible stains.


bib531 det 1
TX804 full

Kain Kermak
Marobo Village
Maliana District
East Timor
Late 20th C
41.5" X 75" -77"
804 grams

A sombre, understated traditional Kemak village textile executed on handspun indigenous cotton with natural dyes.


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det anin

Men's Blanket
Anin Village
Amanatun District
40" X 83" - 782 grams
Mid to late 20th C
cotton trade thread - aniline dyes

An extra long two panel blanket with incredibly fine ikat. The "outside" is more faded than the back side of the textile. There are two tiny blemishes, a small amount of thread breakage and a tiny betel stain.


detail back and frontl detail betel stain
TX964 det

Man's Cloth - "Beti"
Bannae Viilage
Insana - Wet Timor
84" X 41.5"
Indigo on hand spun inidenous cotton center field
Side stripes are pre dyed cotton trade thread with ikat detailing
964 grams
Mid 20th C


TX707 full

Bete Naik - Men's Blanket
Putun Village - Motif Buna Hauno
Nunkolo District - Mollo Regency
South Central Timor
36.5" X 68" - 708 grams
Mid to late 20th C
Cotton trade thread


BIB703 full

Bete Naik - Men's Blanket
Biboki - Insana District
West Timor
37.25" X 66"
late 20th C
702 grams

A solid, vintage village textile with natural dyes on hand spun indigenous cotton. This textile has softened with age and is in excellent condition


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The dimensions posted do not include the fringes.

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sabu hip cloth 531

Men's Hip Cloth
Sabu / Savu Island
Eastern Indonesia
36" X 68" - two panels
indigo and chemical dyes
hand spun indigenous cotton with cotton trade thread highlights in yellow
410 grams


detail sabu
insana 580

Men's Blanket
Insana District
West Timor
cotton trade thread
combination of natural and chemical dyes
35.5" X 78"
580 grams
Late 20th C

The extraordinarily fine, tight ikat bands of this two panel blanket are executed on cotton trade thread with natural indigo dye flanked by stripes of pre dyed commercial cotton.
This is a solid serviceable vintage everyday textile. There are no holes or tears but there is a subtle unevenness in the color. This shows up more on the j pegs than the actual textile.


insana 580 detail
ayo 730 grams

Men's Blanket
Ayotupus District - North Amanatun
West Timor
35" X 70" - 730 grams
Hand spun indigenous cotton - natural dyes
Mid to late 20th C

A classic three panel blanket with ikat on indigenous hand spun cotton flanked by pre dyed cotton trade thread stripes. You can clearly see the difference between the hand spun thread and cotton trade thread in the detail j peg.

The ikat is beautifully executed and the textile is in outstanding condition.


ayo 730 det
tts full

"Mau" Men's Blanket
Near Tonais Village - South Central Timor
32.5 - 35" X 69 " - 570 grams
Mid 20th C

A two panel selimut /blanket with hand spun indigo ikat flanked by pre dyed "benang blanda" dutch trade thread. The hand spun cotton is extraordinarily fine. This in combination with the historical trade thread places this weaving firmly into the early to mid 20th C.

The prominent motif is "kaif"- symbol of kinship and power fused with double headed crocodile and the initials of either the weaver or the owner. the crocodile motif is associated with the ancestors.

The overall condition of the textile is excellent, colors have faded with time and there are some mild betel nut spots. A full set of high resolution j pegs are available for this or any other textile shown on site.


insana 67x37.5

Men's Blanket
Insana District - West Timor
Motif " Kaif"
37.5" X 67" - 752 grams
Late 20th C

A two panel Men's blanket with very fine, even hand spun cotton. The color saturation is deep and consists of a combination of natural and chemical dyes.



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insana 751 gr
timor 512 gr

Men's Blanket
Amanatun District
Motif Atoni
West Timor
40" X 61" - 513 grams
Late 20th C

This is a lovely, well executed, three panel ikat blanket in outstanding condition with
hand spun indigenous cotton and natural vegetable dyes.


detail 513
subun - maubessi

Men's Mantle - Mau - Bete Naik
Subun Village - Maubessi - Insana
43.5" X 69" - 708 grams

A well worn honest tribal textile with hand spun cotton center panel. The side panels are cotton trade treads mixed with hand spun cotton (pink threads).

The side panels have a slightly different color scheme. This is quite normal as the piece was made to be worn with the stripes horizontal. The variation from left to right is a lighting issue. The color is even from left to right.

The color saturation on the indigo center panel is slightly uneven. This is very subtle and evident only upon very close inspection.


subun detail
BOT910 full

Ceremonial Men's Blanket - Mau
Highland Atoni People
Boti Village - West Timor
44" X 71" - 910 grams
hand spun indigenous cotton - natural vegetable dyes

Contemporary masterwork from the hand of Ibu Luu Sae. The motif is "licensed" to women of the Royal House of Boti.


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bot910 det
timor bessi toko

Men's Blanket
Niki Niki District - Amanuban
West Timor
66" X 40" - 702 grams
cotton trade thread - indigo dye
Late 20th C

The color saturation of this textile has softened with the passage of time and wear. This is a solid vintage village blanket with a combination of Bessi - crocodile and Kolo - bird motif. The crocodile is iconography associated with the ancestors and the bird is the vessel of the soul to the afterlife. The piece is in excellent condition.


timor bessi det
tim tim viqu
tim tim det stain

Men's Blanket
Viqueque - East Timor
Mid to late 20th C
52" X 80"
909 grams

A rare textile in fine condition with only one small betel stain (see left image) and minor thread breakage on one part of the fringe (see right). The cotton trade thread is very soft and the piece drapes nicely.
The ikat portion of the blanket bears "patola stars", a motif lifted from silk Indian trade cloths circulated throughout the Archipelago in historical times.


tim tim viq det fr
amfoang 588gr
deatil amf

Men's Blanket
Amfoang Kingdom - Central Timor
36.5" - 38" X 79"
mid to late 20th C
588 gr

A classic three panel hand spun blanket on an indigenous cotton field with a combination of natural and chemical dyes. The small icons woven into the edges of the center panel represent the weaver's status in the village hierarchy and the side panels contain kaif'ana motif that represents the weavers clan.

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amf det
lamaken full
lamaknen seam

Men's Blanket
Kewar - Lamaknen - Belu Regency
37.5" X 80"
cotton trade thread with indigo dye on the ikat portion
Mid to late 20th C
629 grams

This motif falls into the "rarely found" category. This village is on the northern edge of the Belu Regency.


lamaknen detail
manulea - malaka

deatail 2 manulea

Man's Blanket - Tais Mane
Manulea - Malaka
53.5" X 73.5"
986 grams
Late 20th C

Very precise, small ikat with three colors is a marker of textiles from Manulea village, Malaka Timor, "Belu".

The blanket is composed of three panels. The thumbnail left shows the seam which is hard to detect even on the extreme close up photo - the seams are between the yellow bands. . Thumbnail right is an extreme close up of the hand spun cotton thread ikat portion of the textile. The brightly colored stripes of yellow, turquoise, pink and red are pre dyed cotton trade thread of a type that places this piece in the late 20th C

It is very rare to find hands pun cotton thread in textiles from this area.



manulea detail
miamafo haulasi full tn

Men's Blanket
Timor Tengah Utara -TTU
Miamafo District
40" X 72"
560 grams
late 20th C
A classic three panel ikat blanket, motif Haulasi executed with commercial trade cotton. Characteristics that define the Miamafo ikat blankets are very large, detailed ikat center panels with small, multi colored bands flanking narrow ikat bands on the side panels.


detail miamafo haulasi
manufui 730

Men's Blanket
Manufui Village
South Biboki
cotton trade thread with natural indigo dye for the ikat
79" X 40"
725 grams


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manufui 730
45.5 x 66 600gr yakobus

Men's Blanket
Miomafo District - West Timor
45.5" X 66" - 600 grams
Mid to late 20th C

Pre dyed rayon stripes with cotton trade thread ikat center panel. The textile is beautifully executed and bears the name of the man it was made for both in the ikat and woven into the piece with yellow thread


detail yakob
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