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Scarves Shoulder Cloths "Selendang" & Sashes
Scarves - bete ane - selendang are worn over the shoulder as part of the formal regalia, to gift to a visiting dignitary and as part of the dowry exchange. For a full set of high resolution j pegs of any piece e mail cultural treasures
ama 232

detail 232 ama

Shoulder cloth
Niki Niki area
Amanuban District
West Timor
Motif Kaif
15" - 17" X 76"
Commercial Cotton trade thread
combination of natural indigo and chemical dyes
Late 20th C
232 grams


amanuban nau kae

nau kae detail

Ceremonial Shoulder cloth
Motif Nau Kae - Ibu Abanat
Amanuban District - West Timor
10.25" - 11.5" X 57"
149 grams - late 20th C

The motif "nau kae" belongs to the Abanat clan, a branch of West Timorese nobility. The ikat is tight and crisp throughout, the hand spun indigenous cotton extraordinarily fine and the color saturation is deep and rich.



ama205 detail


Shoulder Cloth
Amanuban District
Motif Bessi, Kolo, Atoni. patola star and fish
Indigo Dye on cotton trade thread
17- 18.5" X 56.5"
206 grams





Niki Niki Village
Amanuban District West Timor
12.5" - 14.25" X 56" - 173 grams
Cotton trade thread and aniline dyes

A vintage shoulder cloth with motif "kaif". The ikat on this textile is extremely tight and clear,  The condition is excellent, no rips stains or tears.



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Shoulder cloth
Biboki Kingdom
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural dyes

12.75" - 14.25 " X 52.5" - 228 grams

A beautifully executed three color ikat with natural dyes. The green highlights are made from a fermented bean and called "drunken jungle peanut green" - Hijau Kacang Mabuk.


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detail bib228