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A sarong of equal vintage, quality and workmanship will always be worth more than a blanket from the same household. This is because the sarong has always been an important part of the dowry exchange. Large detailed j pegs of all sarongs are available on request.

Ceremonial Sarong
Nurobo Village - Malaka - West Timor
20.5" X 69" - 650 grams

A four panel sarong with a combination of cotton on the three color ikat portions and rayon trade thread on the solid color stripes.

This textile has a few very minor betel stains.


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det nur
nurobo SA604

Nurobo Village
Malaka - West Timor
22" -23.5 - 41"
604 grams
Indigenous hand spun cotton - natural dyes

A rough, hearty hand spun textile with a combination of Atoni (human) and deer motif.


nurobo SA604

Manulea Sarong
Manulea Village
Malaka District
Timor Island
21" X 63" 476 grams
Early to Mid 20th C
A historical, vintage ceremonial textile consisting of 4 panels. The solid rich brick red morinda on either end is a natural dye on trade thread. The pink, yellow, green lavender and red stripes are pre dyed cotton trade thread of a type available during the Dutch colonial era.

Nurobo Village
Malaka District
West Timor
Mid 20th C
22" X 52.5"
559 grams
A riot of activity is going on in the center panel of this ceremonial ikat. Kaif and Crocodile (ancestor) motif has been fused in the center and is surrounded by people (Atoni) and chickens - Manu, a symbol of masculine power. Full hand spun cotton with natural dyes and early Dutch trade thread accent stripes of yellow, green, pink, blue and whte.. A rare and outstanding example. There is one small historical repair - see detail j peg.

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