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Lembata Textiles
The textiles on this page are all handspun indigenious cotton with natural vegetable dyes. Large, high resolution j pegs of any piece are available on request.

sarong mawa

Mawa Village
Lamaholot People
Lembata Island
24" X 47"
Late 20th C
Daily wear sarong made from indigenous hand spun cotton with natural dyes.

lembata tn

Lamelera Village
Lembata Island
Lamaholot People
Mid to late 20th C
28" X 50"
645 grams


Lamelera Village
Lamaholot People
Lembata Island
Natural vegetable dyes
Late 20th C REF#LEM13

lembata - coral
Mawa Village
Lamaholot People
Lembata Island
Natural Vegetable Dyes
25.75" X 47"
Mid to late 20th C - 690 grams
Loosely woven hand spun indigenous cotton makes this piece somewhat rough to the touch. The coral color is difficult to achieve and in this case, a family secret. An excellent example of the type.
289.00 REF#LEM692
pants full mawa

Fisherman's Pants
Mawa Village
Ili Api - Lembata
32" leg X 26" waist - measured flat
Late 20th C
653 grams
Hand spun indigenous cotton and natural vegetable dyes.


detal pants mawa
atadei full
ata open seam
Dowry Sarong
Atedai Village
Central Lembata
Lamaholot People
Motif Patola, Stingray
Mid 20th C
22" x 73" - 910 grams
This style of sarong is part of the ceremonial gifting at a wedding ceremony. It can be stored and re gifted as a dowry sarong for another relative as long as the seam remains "open". The uncut threads represent the virgin bride.
1850.00 REF#L1
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atadei R2

Lamelera Village - Dowry Sarong
Lembata Island
Lamaholot People
Patola Motifs
Mid to late 20th C

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