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A sarong of equal vintage, quality and workmanship will always be worth more than a blanket from the same household. This is because the sarong has always been an important part of the dowry exchange. Large detailed j pegs of all sarongs are available on request.

Moluccas / Maluku Islands
23.5" X 44"
319 grams
Mid 20th C

A two panel everyday sarong on commercial trade thread with natural vegetable dyes


alor14 537gr

Ternate Island - Pantar Straight
Alor District
27" - 28.5" X 46"
538 grams

A two panel everyday sarong with fish motif and natural vegetable dyes


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detail 2

Alor Regency - Uma Pura
27.25" X 47" - 571 grams
Ibu Sahari
natural dyes on commercial cotton trade thread

This two panel sarong is made with a combination of natural dyes from the garden, indigo, morinda and a light lilac highlight stripes made from coral from her sea garden



savu toko 494

Savu / Sabu Island
late 20th C
cotton trade thread & aniline dyes
22.5" X 59.5"
2 panel


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savu toko detail

Ceremonial Sarong
Bokong Village - Ayotupus
Contemporary Masterwork by Ibu Sai
23.5" X 45"
536 grams
Commercial Trade Thread


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ttu 813 gr

Ceremonial Sarong
Insana District - West Timor
22.5" - 24" X 60"
late 20th C
813 grams

4 panel sarong in hand spun indigenous cotton & a combination of natural dyes with "lotus" motif Kaif. The warp is predominately hand spun with orange accent threads and weft of trade thread. The indigo on the ends and Kaif motif border is full hand spun cotton.


ttu 813 gr det
nurobo SA604

Nurobo Village
Malaka - West Timor
22" -23.5 - 41"
604 grams
Indigenous hand spun cotton - natural dyes

A rough, hearty hand spun textile with a combination of Atoni (human) and deer motif.


nurobo SA604
lemb 757 tn

Lembata Island - Mawa Village
26.25" X 50" 758 grams
Late 20th C
A two panel sarong with subtle ikat detailing on indigenous hand spun cotton with natural vegetable dyes.


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boking full 529

Boking Village - Amanatun District
West Timor
24.5" X 46" - 529 grams
Late 20th C

A vintage three panel sarong of cotton trade thread with indigenous hand spun cotton and natural indigo dye for the ikat detail. The color on the inside is even and strong while the outside is faded and slightly uneven.


boking 529 det

Ceremonial Sarong
Insana - Maubessi Village
Highland Atoni People
West Timor
21.5" X 57"
690 grams

mid to late 20th C

Hand spun indigenous cotton field with indigo dye & cotton trade thread stripes.  Motif Kaif and kolo.  Kolo is a bird motif and the birds are between the kaifs with their wings outstretched.  Exquisite condition.  Collected in situ early 90's.


alor708tn full

Alor Regency
26" - 27 X 52" - 709 grams
Late 20th C

A two panel sarong with a combination different types of trade thread and hand spun indigenous cotton.
Working from the outside in, a narrow band of dutch trade thread, ikat on commercial trade tread with natural dyes, a band of indigo blue dye on hand spun cotton. The bright threads in the body are rayon.
There is some light thread breakage on the rayon threads.

Overall the condition of this vintage textile is excellent



alor 708
maubessi tn

Ceremonial Sarong
Insana District
West Timor
685 grams
Beautifully executed "Buna" (discontinuous supplementary weft) sarong with hand spun indigenous cotton deep indigo field in combination with cotton trade thread decoration.


insana sarong det
south biboki

Woman's Ceremonial Sarong
Highland Atoni People
South Biboki
West Timor
61" X 22.5" 758 grams
Mid 20th C

This 4 panel ikat sarong is in outstanding condition. The ikat is tight and fine. The blue is a deep natural indigo dye and the colored stripes are a commercial trade cotton available during the Dutch Colonial era.

The ikat is executed on a cotton trade thread and the dark blue solid panels are a very fine hand spun indigenous cotton.


south biboki detail
boking 523

Ceremonial Sarong
Boking Village - Amanatun District
West Timor
18" - 21" X 48"
523 grams
Hand spun Indigenous Cotton
Combination of natural and aniline dyes
Mid to late 20th C

Composed of two panels with ikat detailing on either end. The hand spun cotton has been very tightly woven.


boking 523 detail
mollo sarong 699 30 x 46

Mollo Kingdom
West Timor
30" X 46" - 700 grams

A sturdy village textile. Constructed in two panels using hand spun cotton with natural dyes.


mollo detail
biboki 255 gr19x38

Ceremonial Sarong
Nessam Village - Insana District
West Timor
19" X 38" - 255 grams
Late 20th C

A very small two panel sarong with cotton trade thread on the finely executed ikat portion and rayon for the stripped accents.


biboki toko 255 det
sasak/ bali sarong 275

Sasak / Bali
Early to mid 20th C
cotton trade thread field with silk
40" X 61"
375 grams

This vintage textile is in outstanding condition. There is some thread breakage but no rips, holes or tears. The field is cotton trade thread and the motif is silk thread





sask / bali 275gr
belu child sarong

Child's Sarong ref code BEL65
Belu Kingdom
Mid to late 20th C
20 - 23" wide X 34"
449 grams
Hand spun indigenous cotton with natural brick read "bak ulu" field and commercial cotton "Buna" iconography. This is a petite, unusual 2 panel ceremonial sarong for a child. There is a water stain on the top portion of the textile.

BIB 614

Sarong Biboki
West Timor
Late 20th C
31" X 46"
612 grams
cotton trade thread
This beautifully executed three panel ceremonial sarong incorporates two weaving techniques, Buna - discontinuous supplementary weft and Ikat. The three color ikat sections been executed with natural dyes.


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insana sutra08
Insana District
West Timor
23" X 42"
610 grams
Late 20th C

Outstanding technical masterwork - there is no "wrong" side to this textile. The buna design is brilliantly executed and is exactly the same on both sides of the textile.
vintage roti

Nebrella Village
Roti Island
Eastern Indonesia
Early 20th C
56" X 23" 465 gr
An absolutely outstanding example of a very rare type of textile. A combination of extremely fine hand spun cotton and butter soft trade thread with natural dyes. This is a historical artifact and in excellent condition considering the vintage. Please contact me for a full set of large close up j pegs.

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sarong roti

Sarong Pero
West Sumba
27" X 65"
Late 20thC
Patola Stars, Kaif, floral and geometric motifs executed on Dutch trade thread with aniline dyes.


Balinese Community - Mataram
Lombok Island
61" X 38" 315 grams
Hand woven trade cotton with metallic tread
Mid 20th C

This vintage textile is in excellent condition. The Saput is part of the ceremonial dress for men.


made saput 315gr

Amanatun District
West Timor
Mid 20th C
23" X 45" - 470 grams
Dutch trade thread "Benang Belanda" with indigo on cotton ikat. A stunningly tight ikat.


Sarong Kewatek Mean
Ili Mandiri
Flores Island
24.5" X 51"
776 grams
early to mid 20th C
natural dyes - hand spun indigenous cotton

A classic two panel sarong on a red, morinda field. The textile has excellent color saturation and clear, crisp ikat bands. The overall condition is outstanding. Very similar to the piece pictured below but the deep red field denotes a higher rank.



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atadei R2

Lamelera Village - Dowry Sarong
Lembata Island
Lamaholot People
Patola Motifs
Mid to late 20th C


Ceremonial Sarong
Malaka - West Timor
24.5"- 25-5" X 75"
729 grams
Late 20th C

A finely executed 4 panel ikat sarong executed on cotton trade thread with indigo ikat detail. The piece is in excellent condition.


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malaka det
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