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A sarong of equal vintage, quality and workmanship will always be worth more than a blanket from the same household. This is because the sarong has always been an important part of the dowry exchange.
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tonais antonia sai

Ceremonial Sarong
Ibu Antonia Sai
Tonais - Ayotupus
West Timor
29" X 54" - 960 grams
Cotton trade thread - natural dyes



ayo 830gr

Ceremonial Sarong
Ayotupus District
West Timor
Motif Water Bug
23 - 23.75 " X 50" - 830 grams

A three panel sarong with hand spun cotton field and mercerized cotton "buna" decoration

ref code AYO830

ayo masterwork

Ceremonial Sarong
Ayotupus District
West Timor
Motif Bessi
full hand spun indigenous cotton - natural vegetable dyes
19.5" X 45" - 563 grams

This sarong was made in four sections. The two outside panels consist of an indigo dyed hand spun cotton field with crocodile and bird motifs created using a technique called "buna" discontinuous supplementary weft. The two sections in the middle have a combination of buna crocodiles and geometric motifs imparted by a different weaving technique called "Lotus". Lotus patterns are achieved by lifting different combinations of warp threads to form the pattern.


563gr detail
Sambet Village - REF#AYO578
Ayotupus District
West Timor
Water bug motif
21" X 52"
578 grams
Late 20th C
This sarong was made in 4 sections. The two outside panels consist of an indigo dyed hand spun cotton field with "buna" discontinuous supplementary weft decoration executed in embroidery floss. It is quite possible that these sections were recycled from an older textile that was "broken' in the middle. The "Buna" work is highly valued and would have been saved for this reason as well as maintaining a connection to the ancestors, fusing the power of the older textile into the new piece. The two center panels consist of pre dyed commercial cotton trade thread.
ayo yellow

Sambet Village
Ayotupus District
Amanatun - West Timor
25" X 51" -750 grams
Late 20th C
Hand spun indigenous cotton with embroidery floss on the "Buna" detailing

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