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Sabu / Savu
A sarong of equal vintage, quality and workmanship will always be worth more than a blanket from the same household. This is because the sarong has always been an important part of the dowry exchange. Large detailed j pegs of all sarongs are available on request.
sabu vintage

Masara Village
Sabu Island
Mid 20th C
Butter soft cotton Dutch trade thread with incredibly fine, tight ikat inspired by motifs taken from Dutch artifacts traded with the Royal Family of Sabu in historical times.


sabu 4
Masara Village
Sabu Island
Early to Mid 20th C
Cotton trade thread was used for the very clean, tight ikat portion of this sarong combined with incredibly fine hand spun indigenous cotton for the solid blue sections and the warp. Dutch artifacts traded with the Royal Family of Sabu in historical times are the inspiration for the motifs.
sabu tribal
Sabu Island
Masara Village
Early to mid 20th C
Motif Ledo - Lesser Blossom clan, Hubi Iki
Hand spun indigenous cotton with natural dyes - Morinda and Indigo
22.5" X 61" - 730 grams
Sabu is a tiny, remote island. The sarong motifs found here can be divided into two large categories - Dutch Influenced motifs and older, tribal motifs. The hand spun cotton is incredibly fine and soft from wear. This is a ceremonial sarong in exquisite condition.
savu toko 494

Savu / Sabu Island
late 20th C
cotton trade thread & aniline dyes
22.5" X 59.5"
2 panel


savu toko detail
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