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Scarves Shoulder Cloths "Selendang" & Sashes
Scarves - bete ane - selendang are worn over the shoulder as part of the formal regalia, to gift to a visiting dignitary and as part of the dowry exchange.
bib 311 full

3 color ikat panel
Biboki Kingdom
cotton trade thread - aniline dyes
23" X 58" - 312 grams
Late 20th C

A beautifully executed vintage tribal textile in superb condition.



bib 312 det
bib 283 full

bib 283 tn

Ceremonial Shoulder cloth
Maria Abuk
Biboki Kingdom West Timor
15.5" X 60"
283 grams
hand spun indigenous cotton
natural vegetable dyes


biboki 140gr

bib 140gr det

Ceremonial Sash
Biboki Kingdom
West Timor
8.5" X 72" - 144 grams

Extraordinarily fine hand spun indigenous cotton with three color ikat.



full bibi

bib detail

Ceremonial Shoulder Cloth
Motif Temninaf
Taukbessi Village - Biboki - Insana
14.5" X 79" - 234 grams
cotton trade thread with natural vegetable dyes
Late 20th C

A beautifully executed, large, lively three color ikat with natural mordana (bak ulu) dyes.



manufui halus buna maufui halus det

Ceremonial Seledang - Bete Ane
Manufui Village
South Biboki District
10.5" X 50"
135 grams - late 20th C

An outstanding late 20th C masterwork executed with commercial trade thread using the "Buna" discontinuous supplementary weft technique. Collected in situ 1997.

biboki 10.25 - 13 x 78

biboki 267 gr detail

Ceremonial Shoulder Cloth
Taukbessi Village
Biboki - Insana
10.25 - 13" X 78"
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural Vegetable Dyes
Late 20th C

From the hand of a mature weaver who excels at natural dye chemistry. Three color ikats are the norm for this style of textile. In addition to the basic red, white and dark brown this piece has highlights in peach, yellow and young indigo.


SBI69 det

Ceremonial Shoulder Cloth
Biboki - Insana
6.75" X 35.50"
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural Vegetable Dyes
69 grams
Late 20th C

Ref # SBI69

biboki 154gr

biboki detail

Shoulder cloth
Biboki Kingdom
West Timor
Cotton trade thread - natural dyes
8" X 74"



buna manufui

buna maufui detail
Ceremonial Shoulder Cloth
13 - 14" X 47" not including the fringe
216 grams
Hand spun indigenous indigo cotton field with a combination of natural and chemical dyes.

biboki mordana 11X69

bibokim det

Contemporary Tribal Masterwork
Biboki - Insana
Commercial cotton trade thread with natural mordana dye
11" X 69"

Traditional Timorese ikats generally have several stripes of motif separated by bands of solid color. The wider the band of ikat, the more technically challenging the piece. The three color ikat is extremely complex. To achieve three colors all the white sections are tied off and dyed red, which requires several rounds of dipping, rinsing and re dyeing the three bundles. These loose bundles are then re tied and re dyed the darker brown. The motif is in the threads before they are woven together. One small mistake could "reverberate" through the entire textile, resulting in a fuzzy appearance.
The color saturation in is on the soft side and the motif is brilliantly executed.





detail bib228

Biboki Kingdom
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural dyes

12.75" - 14.25 " X 52.5" - 228 grams

A beautifully executed three color ikat with natural dyes. The green highlights are made from a fermented bean and called "drunken jungle peanut green" - Hijau Kacang Mabuk.


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