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Betel Bags & Sahes

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100 grams 6.5x7.5 mollo

Betel Bag - Aluk
Highland Atoni People
Mollo - TTS
West Timor
6.5" X 7.5"
101 grams
mid to late 20th C

Ceremonial betel bag with Kilim weave on bag and strap. Lined with plain cotton sleeve that is clean but lightly stained. The overall condition is excellent - there is a little bit of bleed on the turquoise blue threads on the strap.


mollo 164

Ceremonial Aluk
Mollo District - TTS Timor
7.5" X 7.5"
165 grams
Kilim weave with cotton trade cloth liner
Mid to Late 20th C


betel bag liner 55 grams

liner detail

Betel Bag Liner
Lelogama District
West Timor
Early 20th C
Dutch cotton trade thread
7" X 7.5"
54 grams


meo lime container


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BB370 detail

Ceremonial Beaded Betel Bag
Oinlasi District - Amanatun
West Timor
9.25"  X 8" - 385 grams

This beaded betel bag has a sleeve of intricate beading over a cotton bag. The workmanship is outstanding and this style of bead-work is highly prized by local Timorese for the formal "adat" wear. This work is restricted to a small cluster of villages along the Amanuban / Amanatun border.


BB75 naisa front

Betel Bag - Aluk
Highland Atoni People
Mollo - TTS
West Timor
8" X 8"
75 grams
mid to late 20th C

Kelim Weave




Betel Bag - Aluk
Highland Atoni People
Amanuban District
West Timor
8" X 7"
44 grams
mid to late 20th C

The pattern has been imparted into this textile by adding multi colored threads to the field during the weaving process. This time consuming technique is called "Buna".


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