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Stone Charms - Fetish
Objects of stone have always been vigorously collected, hoarded and/or traded by Timorese People in remote rural areas. If the stone is found under special circumstances or if it has a special property it is considered to be an object of magic. Smooth stones found in the gut of an animal, bezoars, are considered extremely potent. Natural rock formations with "faces already in them" or forms implied can be considered omens or charms. Stones that inspire can be formed with intent to perform a special function.
ammo 83 f

Shaman Stone
ammonite fossil
2.25" X 2" X .75"
83 grams
Amanuban District
West Timor


ammonite 83
ammo 48 front

Shaman Stone
ammonite fossil
1.5" X 1.25" X 1.25"
49 grams
Amanatun District
West Timor


ammo48 back
stone sculputre detail 1 stone tim stone large front
detail yoniyoni side full

Shaman Stone
Amanuban District
None Village
8.5" X 5.5" X 3"
3.485 Kg
A rare and outstanding example of Animistic "found" sculpture. Minimal carving has been used to release the spirit of the stone


07- stone charm

Shaman Stone
Amanatun District
West Timor

525 grams
5" X 2.25" X 2.25"



07 full thumbnail 07 second face

Luis Kaesmetan's Ammonite Carving

Born early 20th deceased 2005

Luis was a typical old fashioned Timor mountain man, Animist, farmer, family man. His mountain top garden plot, which he tilled using a only a sharp stick was part of an ancient seabed 250 million years ago and rich in fossil deposits.

His adopted children remember him for his fine sense of humor, gentle nature and the fossils he would collect and carve.

Luis Kaesmetan


There were no chairs at the house so we sat down to exchange betel and have a strong cup of village coffee on what looked like an upside down canoe. Luis went on to tell the story that our bench came to live in front of the house several years earlier when he fell sick and almost died. The bench was his coffin.

Luis passed away a few months after this photo was taken but he managed to get almost a decade of practical use out of his bench!

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ammonite 1 mamma timor ammo 16
Shaman Stone
Ammonite Fossil
1.5" X 1"
25 grams
Shaman Stone
Ammonite Fossil
1.75" x 1" x .75"
24 grams
Shaman Stone
Ammonite 16
2" x 3" x 1"
100 grams
35.00 - REF#FO100

Shaman Charm - Highland Atoni People West Timor
Ammonite fossil - 2.5" X 1.75" X 1" - 81 grams

ammo 103
ammo 103 back
Shaman Charm - Highland Atoni People West Timor
Ammonite fossil - 2.25" X 2.75" X .75" - 103 grams


fossilized coral mask

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