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house post

House Post Fragment
Kuanfatu Village
South Central Timor
Mid 20th C

Kuanfatu material is sparse in style and quantity.  It is generally
minimalist, raw and completely unpretentious.

 A harsh place, the population has always
been on the sparse side.  Poor soil, little water, sea going crocodiles, cerebral malaria and waterborne illnesses regularly take
their toll.  Staying alive is a full time job and when the droughts hit,  this area that always gets hit first and has the longest, harshest famines.

The house post has been cut - original height 67 inches - it happens. In doing so the nature of the material has been exposed. Wood species unknown on this one but it is extremely hard and has a two tone grain which resembles "tiger wood".

48" X 7" X 8"


Aitos Sculpture

The Aitos is the most important of the ritual carvings found in Timor. "Aitos" means "distant ancestor" and describes a cylindrical offering post erected in the compound to honor the ancestors. Aitos are the oldest, most powerful and distant of the ancestors, Foho - interned ancestors and Lor - the recently departed. Aitos sculptures do not have feet.

. During "high adat" ceremonies it is dressed in "Meo" warrior's attire and offerings of betel nut and sirih are placed in a special box at the base of the sculpture. Depending on the purpose and gravity of the ceremony an animal sacrifice is common. Most frequently a chicken of a specific color or sometimes a pig. This is followed by the reading of the entrails, prayers for guidance, blessings and luck. The sacrificed animal is then prepared for the feast.








Aitos Sculpture


Kuanfatu Village
South Central Timor
38" X 6" X 5"
2.2 kg








Insana District
North Central Timor
Pterocarpus Indicus Wood

Wonderful patina on this sculpture which measures :
36" X 4.5" X 5"
5 kg - 590.00

Heavily weathered and part of the inside is worn away - if you would like to see more detailed shots of this or any other of the pieces just e-mail:

cultural treasures at uniserve.com


aitos kayu mera
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