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Atoni Sculpture
South Coastal Region West Timor
33" X 4.75" X 4.75"
ptreocarpus indicus wood - rosewood
3.575 kg
Mid to Late 20th C 


The Atoni people have a tradition of statuary. The most famous are the Aitos - devotional statues but there has always been a wealth of smaller sculpture, amulets and charms, protective and commemorative. 

This is a commemorative sculpture carved during the lifetime of the figure depicted (ancestor figures are always in the fetal position) .  The placement of the hands, with fingers intertwined and resting with palms on the navel indicates this matron village elder (she has only one tooth) is listening to a discussion. ( When the meeting is over the hands switch to one palm on top each other.)  We know the event being commemorated is ceremonial as the hairstyle and dress are formal. 

The patina is mature and the artifact is in excellent condition.


princess lumbung 4 views

Roof Ornament - Highland Atoni People - South Amanatun District - South Central Timor
Early 20th C
She looks to be pregnant and she is wearing a ceremonial "soit" - sort of a tiara.
6 kg.  28" X 9" X 7" - 1750.00

Roof Ornament

Amanatun District
South Central Timor
Ptrerocarpus Indicus wood
Early to Mid 20th C

11.5" tall X 5" +/- diameter
1.8 kilos


roof ornament side sm roof ornament sm
timor roof ornament /11 timor roof ornament w h tim orn side
Roof Ornament
Amanuban District
West Timor
Ptreocarpus Indicus Wood
24.5" X 12" X 9"
4.9 kg
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"Meo" Warrior Sculpture

"Meo" warrior statue in full tribal regalia.

Eucalyptus Wood

28" X 5.5"



contemporary meo

Simple Roof Ornament

Amanuban District
Pterocarpus Indicus Wood
10" X 9" X 5"
2.8 kg


simple roof ornament



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roof ornament
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