betel nut
bone - horn carving
fabric hangers
large objects

scrimshaw on bone

tribal jewelry
traditional tribal
tribal fetish shamanistic
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Additional Reading:

Textiles of Western Timor

Regional Variations in Historical Perspective

Ruth Yeager & Mark Jacobsen

White Lotus Press

ISBN 974-4800-01-1 pbk White Lotus Co. Ltd., Bangkok

A comprehensive guide to everything that you need to know about textiles from West Timor. Five stars!

Splendid Symbols - Textiles and Tradition in Indonesia

Mattiebelle Gittinger

Oxford University Press

ISBN 0 19 588956 8

A great introduction to the rich textile traditions of Indonesia, however, the Timor section is sparse.


Living with Decorative Textiles

Tribal Arts from Africa, Asia and the Americas

Nicholas Bernard & James Merrell

Thames and Husdson

ISBN 0 500 27821 0

Full of great ideas for how to display, live with and enjoy your treasures

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