Timorese masks fall into In three categories. There are the masks that you use to disguise yourself when stealing food from the neighbor in times of extreme hardship or to frighten the children into polite behavior and these have a handle.  There is the ritualistic mask - the ones made in nature that were made before you found them.  The commemorative or personal pieces which are always modeled after an ancestor, made to be placed to protect a person or place. 
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TIM 1283

Protective Mask
Amanuban District
Highland Atoni People
West Timor
12" X 8.25" X 3.5"
1.290kg - packed weight 1.7 kg
Mid to late 20th C


This protective mask from the highlands has been knife finished using the most rudimentary of tools.  The patina is mature and there are some residual pigments highlighting the eyebrow area.  What looks like a chip out of the chin is actually part of the grain in the wood.


REF#TIM 1283

tim 1283 back

Protective Mask
Ptreocarpus indicus wood
Highland Atoni People
Amanatun District
West Timor
13" X 8.5
454 grams


MA452 back
MA501 front

Protective Mask
Ptreocarpus indicus wood
Highland Atoni People
Amanatun District
West Timor
8" X 7.5"


MA501 back
mask with crocs

Mask Pterocarpus Indicus Wood
Amanuban District - West Timor
15" X 9" X 2.75" - 1.8kg
A unique mask from the village of Oienlassi in the Highlands of West Timor..
The face of the mask is covered with crocodile motifs.. The Timorese creation myth states that the island was a crocodile asleep at the bottom of the ocean that rose up and gave birth to mankind. Geologically this is true as the island is an ancient seabed and the mountains are home to ancient fossilized coral reefs at an elevation of over 4000 feet.


mask with crocs back
mask 726

Protective Ancestor Mask
Amanuban District
Eucayptus Wood
12.5" X 10.5" X 2"
726 grams





timor mask 1145gr

Protective Ancestor Mask
Pterocarpus Indicus Wood
10.5" X 7" X 4.5"
1145 grams




mask 1.246

Protective Mask
Highland Atoni People
West Timor
14.25" X 10" X 4.5"
1.245 kg


timor mask 970gr

Ancestor Mask
Highland Atoni People - West Timor
11.5" X 8" X 3.75" - 970 grams
Pterocarpus Indicus Wood

Nice patina on this freestanding mask made to placed to protect a person or place.


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tim95 1.053

Protective Ancestor Mask
13.5" X 8.5"
Late 20th C

This massive rosewood mask is embelished with totemic carving. A variation of the "kaif" motif, symbol of kinship and power on the chin and a crocodile "bessi", iconography associated with the ancestors on the forehead.

Massive masks such as this would be made to be placed, to protect a person or a place.


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