I have posted material representative of the different types of masks that I have available. If you would like to see more of a specific type and /or high resolution j pegs of any of the peices shown, please e mail me.
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Wood masks with pigments.

North Coast, East Java

14 high X 9 wide X 4.5" deep

1.262 kg

Early 20th C



maj detail

Timor Tribal Mask
Highland Atoni People
Amanatun District
West Timor
mid 20th C
9" X 6" X 4.75"
689 grams
rosewood ptreocarpus indicus


This style of paddle / fright mask would be used to disguise yourself when stealing food from the neighbor in times of extreme hardship or to playfully frighten children into polite behavior.

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Timor Tribal Protective Mask
Highland Atoni People
Amanatun District
West Timor
late 20th C
8.25" X 9"
pterocarpus indicus - rosewood
495 grams


. The commemorative / protective or personal mask is always modeled with an ancestor in mind. This one was fashioned to be placed to influence a space or protect a place.


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burlwood mask amanubantn

Animistic Mask
Highland Atoni People
Amanuban District
Timor Island
Pterocarpus Indicus Burl Wood
10" X 8.5" X 4.5"
2 KG packed weight
Late 20th C


This is a rare mask of vintage, power and presence that epitomizes the essence of an animistic mask. Very little carving has been used to "release" the face of the spirit within the wood.

This is a ritualistic mask in the shamanic tradition of found object. The circumstances under which it is found determining the purpose and function.


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flat nose

Javanese Street Theatre Mask
Central Java
Mid 20th C
8" X 7" X 4"
204 grams


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flat nose back
java mask betel

Teak Mask with Pigments
North Coast East Java
Early 20th C
10" X 7" X 4'
459 grams

The island of Java has always had a vibrant tradition of masked theatre. The fool or jester is usually the character who delivers the moral of the story while providing comic relief.
The black "button in the mouth represents a wad of tobacco and the red "bleed" is betel nut juice.




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barong 1

Barong 2

Full "Barong" Mask
North Coast East Java
Late 19th C
Teak, pigments, goat hair trim
17" X 9" X 9"

The mask shows both traditional animistic and strong Chinese design elements. This style of mask requires two people to "dance". The front end is controlled by one person and a long cloth is attached to the hairline covering the second person who brings the body and buttocks to life

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sasak 3a

Theatre Mask
Sasak People
Lombok Island
7.5 X 6" X 3.5"
Candlenut Wood


sasak mask 3
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