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The Osap

These textiles are called "Osap" - a rare and unusual sub type from North Lombok. The villages of Sembalun in the crater of Mount Rinjani and Bayan on the outer seaward north slope of the volcano are the only true source of these textiles. The area has always been relatively sparsely populated. Bayan is considered the entry point for Islam to the island in the late 17th century. The people in North Lombok practice a unique blend of Islam and the animism that preceded it. They are known as "Waktu Tiga" 3 prayer Muslims as they "solat" pray three times a day instead of five.

All of these textiles have been executed on a back-strap loom which consists of little more than two sticks in front of the weaver. The technique is a float weave - alternating colors of warp threads are lifted up to form the pattern creating a positive / negative effect called "siang - sore" afternoon and evening.

The Osap performs two different ritualistic functions - a funerary cloth - to "close the face" of the deceased or it would be placed under a Dulang (an offering bowl). It could also be placed over the offerings in the Dulang.

Factors that affect pricing are age, condition, pattern complexity and technical / artistic merit.


detail OA7

OA7 back
Osap - OA7
23" X 18"
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural Dyes
Mid to late 20th C

Osap - OA4
20" X21"
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural Dyes
90 grams
The indigo was not properly rinsed prior to construction and has taken to the white field. Very deep indigo is considered desirable and not rinsing the thread is a shortcut to a deeper blue. The piece has been dry cleaned and the colors are now stable.

Osap - OA2
21" X 18"
Hand spun indigenous cotton - combination dyes
90 grams
The indigo here is a mixed dye and this is a ceremonial textile of a variety that does not get washed. Collected in the late 1980's -fresh from the loom. The piece is still stiff from the rice paste that is used for sizing on the white field.

Vintage but unused this piece is shows the method of the making. Several panels are made, cut and used as necessary.

36" X 20"
ref # OA3

Osap - OA6
17.5" X 21.5" 95 grams
Hand spun indigenous cotton
Natural Dyes
Early 20th C
95 grams

The overall condition of this textile is excellent and the color saturation is intense. There is a minor amount of thread breakage and very light staining in the upper right hand corner which is visible on the j peg of the full piece. Additionally there are some pinhole size holes that are visible only when the piece is held up to the light

osap detail

The small thumbnails do not do the pieces justice. Large j pegs available on request

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