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marimbu tabletn


Console Table

51.5" X 13.5" X 32" high

Simple and elegant this table consists of solid slabs of "Marimbu" wood averaging 2" thick



Teak wall with folding doors. Jepara Regency East Java

144" long X 104" high

360 X 260cm

wall jepara

asmat ghost mask -tn Asmat Ghost Mask - Jipae
Central Asmat
Kecematan Agats
West Papua
52" X72" high approximate
130 X 180cm

Late 20th C

Rolled bark fibre, pigments of lime and red mud
60" from head to bottom of fringe
14" for the headdress - bamboo, cockatoo feathers, job's tears, parrot and cassowary feathers

This is a body mask made of rolled bark fibre from the "Melinjo" tree (Gnetum gnemon L.) for the ceremony of "ndet polmbu" during which the ancestors are called upon to drive away illness, avert natural disaster and provide protection for the village.
mahogany planktn

One giant piece of red mahogany texture is imparted with an adze

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One piece of "Radja Mas" Wood. The texture has been imparted with the use of an adze and stained darkest brown.

48" X 64" 16" deep

120 X 160 X 40cm

screen tn

roof ornament


Roof Ornament - Central Timor
Tobes Sonaf


Click here to see roof ornaments in situ


Grobok - Teak Trunk - East Java

Each side of this trunk is one plank of wood between 1.5 - 2" thick 3 - 5cm, dovetail joining

approximate measurements:

56" long X 24" deep X 36" wide


light wells

Rantok - mortar for pounding rice

Light Wells made from a Mango wood mortar cut in half

Sumbawa Island

15" wide X 60" high x 12" deep

37.5 X 150 X 30 cm

14" wide X 69" high X 14" deep

35 X 172.5 X 35 cm

weaving toolstn

Weaving Tools - Sumbawa Island

Jackfruit wood / Teak wood

various sizes averaging 48" high X 8" wide X 3"- 5" deep

120 X 20 X 7.5 - 10 cm

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Grobok - Teak Trunk

Central Java

Each side of this trunk is one plank of wood averaging between 1-2" thick 2.5 -4 cm - dovetail joining

Approx measurements 59" long X 26" deep X 34" high




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