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0806001 sasak rice spoon 0806001 sasak spoon full
Rice Paddle / Spoon
10.25" X 3.5" - 139 grams
Sasak People
Lombok Island
Late 20th C
35.00 REF#SAK139
cock spoon tn

Buffalo Horn Spoon
Early to Mid 20th C
Highland Atoni People
West Timor
5.75" X 1.75"

Correct in absolutely every aspect this spoon is a fine ambassador of the culture it represents.

The cock is a symbol associated with masculinity and power.

REF#CST02- 69.00

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cock spoon fulltn
dulang 567

Offering Bowl
Mamasa - Toradjaland
5.5" X 6.5"
568 grams


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dulang 566 det
cookie cutter1 cookie cutter side view cookie cutter dam side

Rice Cake Mold
Sasak People
Lombok Island
-early 20th C
3" X 2.5" X 2" widest dimensions
70 grams

The patina on this ancient artifact is superb. There are some minor chips out of the edge of one side of the piece.



sasak rice mould

Rice Cake Mold
Sasak People
Lombok Island
14" X 2" X 1"
465 grams
Early 20th C

The difference in color is due to lighting conditions. The jackfruit wood has a deep, rich, even patina. The small j pegs most accurately reflect the true color

mould detail detail sasak cake mould detail
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