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Hair Ornament "SOIT" Ceremonial Regalia
Highland Atoni People - West Timor
Buffalo Horn, mixed metal, coins
6.5" X 2.25" X .5" - 119 grams
Late 19th C

This ceremonial comb is carved from buffalo horn with a mixed metal casing of trade beads, filigree work and old coins. The silver content is low and inconsistent. Metal work was done by itinerant silversmiths from the island of Ndao, off the southern tip of Timor island as the Highland Atoni do not have a tradition of metallurgy.

detail 32 grcomb horn 32 gr

Soit - Comb
Highland Atoni People
Amanatun District - Timor
Buffalo Horn
6" X 2" 32 grams
late 20th C

comb timor

Ceremonial Comb / Soit
Buffalo Horn
Early 20th C
Highland Atoni People
West Timor
10"x4"x1.75" 90 grams

A selection of Timor tribal buffalo horn combs
early, mid and late 20th C
soit 11 gr

In the "old days" both men and women would wear their hair long and twisted into a bun at the nape of the neck, held in place with the "soit"

Soit - Comb
Buffalo Horn
4.25" X 1.75"
early 20th C
11 grams


Soit - Comb
Rosewood with natural stain
5.5" X 1.5"
late 20th C
13 grams


wood soitwood soit back
detail horn comb buffalo horn comb

Soit - Comb
Highland Atoni People
Amanuban District
West Timor
Buffalo Horn
7.75" X 3"
early to mid 20th C
41 grams



nit comb 2

Nit Comb
Buffalo Horn
Sasak People
Lombok Island
4" X 2.25"
11 grams
Early 20th C


nit comb sasak
sasak comb

Ceremonial Comb
Sasak People
Lombok Island
Tamarind Wood
5.5" X 3"
100 grams
Early 20th C


sasak comb f
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