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beaded lime container

Beaded Lime Container - Highland Atoni People - West Timor

Tiny antique seed beads over a bamboo sheath.

Early 20th C - dimensions 4" X 1" - 48 grams

There is minor breakage in the bead work on the top of this container.


sumartan tn

Sumatran Beaded Betel Bag

Batak People - North Sumatra

glass trade beads and lontar plaiting

8" X 7" X 1"

There is no significant breakage in the bead work of this betel bag - 467 grams

high resolution j pegs are available on request


sumatran container 2

Lime Container - Batak People - Sumatra

Bamboo cylinder covered with Indian cotton block print trade cloth incased with antique trade beads.

Early 20th C





sumatran container 1
    sumatran 2 det
indian fan white tn indian fantn
indian fan detail 1

Beaded Fan - Rajistan India

10" X 9.5"

seed beads, cotton trim, pressed paper board - 280 grams

indian fan detail 2
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