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The island of Timor is relatively new in Geological terms.  In Timorese mythology, the land was a sleeping crocodile that rose up from the water and the crocodile is the ancestor of all humans.  In a very abstract way the island could be interpreted as “crocodile shaped” and the present day mountains at 1500 meters above sea level house fossilized coral reefs from the Permian Period. The pieces pictured here are carved from fossilized Symphylia coral.

coral mask mama mia

hane carvers
The village of Hane is home to several talented carvers who work in a variety of media- wood, horn and now fossilized coral. Staying true to traditional motifs these hand carved masks are beautiful objects that embody the essence of the Timorese sensibility, making due with materials at hand and carving out a livelihood where none seems possible.
anjuib's bro

click here to see more examples of fossilized coral mask from the carvers of Hane Village

Subsistence farmers in the wet season and artists during the remaining nine months of the year - West Timor
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