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sasak basket 8x8 232 gr

Sasak Basket
Central Lombok
Rattan & Wood
Mid 20th C
235 grams

This basket has an outstanding patina and is in excellent condition given it's age.


Sasak People
West Lombok
rattan and wood
Mid to Late 20th C
12.5" X 13" X 5"
658 grams

This classic "purse" style basket from West Lombok has a mature patina is in outstanding condition.  There is some residual blue pigment on the wood base


sasak purse basket vintage

Sasak Ceremonial Purse
Sasak People
Lombok Island
"Ketak" Grass & Rattan
mid to late 20th C
11" X 8" X 4"
385 grams

This Ketak grass piece has some historical repair / restoration work and has a beautiful patina. The section from the rattan detailing on the collar to the top was added at a later date and the wooden insert on the top of the lid repaired much later. The rolled bark fibre string and buffalo bone beads are contemporary embellishments.



11.75" X 11.75" X 7.5"
556 grams
Sasak People
Central Lombok
mid to late 20th C

Open weave rattan basket with bamboo base and deep mature patina



BA650 top

Sasak People
West Lombok
rattan, bamboo and wood
Mid to Late 20th C

13.25" X 6.5" X 11"
654 grams - 1 kg packed weight

This basket has a mature, uneven patina with residual paint pigments of red and blue, rolled bark fibre handle and wood base.  The artifact is in outstanding condition. 


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