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Sasak People
West Lombok

“Ketak” is the Sasak word that describes a species of wild jungle grass that grows along the perimeters of forested areas.

  The neighboring island of Sumbawa, having only a fraction of their much larger island under intense cultivation, has always been a favored source of the Ketak used.  West Lombok has ketak grass but it is considered to be of inferior quality to that of Sumbawa.

Shown here are 1/2 round ball baskets size range 14" to 27"
$75 - 450.00

ast basket half round
basket selection

Nurbaya Village
West Lombok

During the wet season the people farm - not much in baskets available at that point in time as the "adat" tradition dictates the job description for almost every individual in the community. Basket making is a cottage industry practiced during the dry season. There have always been ketak grass baskets produced in Lombok but only a cluster of villages have embraced it as a cottage industry.

Lombok now supplies almost all the baskets available in Bali and produces both styles.

large basket shown 19" X 16" - 495.00
ball basket 2.57" X 2.75" - 15.00
5.5" x 5.5" 40.00
small 1/2 round basket4.5" X 2" 9.50
small round 4.5" X 2" = 29.00

Bowl Basket - 3/4

17" X 11" - 295.00

Baskets are graded and priced by a combination of grass quality, size, technical and artistic credit. Most of the baskets here are a three split - the number of sections each tube of grass is split.

Every monitor shows color differently
Golden Honey Blonde is an accurate description


three quarter ball basket
Ketak rectangle mat - 15.5" x 11.5" - 35.00

round mat
4" -- 2.50
5" ---4.50
6" --10.00

11" -21.00
16" - 28.00
17 "- 35.00

Oval Mat
15" X 12" = 29.00
17" X 14" = 35.00

"Ketak" Grass Mats

Long wearing, tightly woven, multi purpose grass mats in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rounds are available starting from "coaster size" to 1 meter (39 inches). Ovals average 20X30cm - (8X12). Square shapes are the most difficult to execute. Available sizes are "coaster to 1m square" and quantities are very limited.

Prices vary according to size and shape - square shapes are more difficult to make and average 10-20% more than their round or oval counterparts.

tall with lid




Cylinder Basket with Lid

left: 27.5" X 14" -375.00

right: 10' X 10.5" - 95.00

other sizes not shown in the same style
11.75" X 12" = 145.00
13.5" X 27.5 = 395.00
16" X 21.5" = 395.00



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cylnd bask




ketak ball basket 9x8 365 gr

Ketak Cylinder with Flare
23" high
7.5" at base



Classic Ketak Ball Basket
9" X 8"
365 grams

3 available



flare basket
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